Who are we?

We are a group of open circuit (SCUBA) and technical rebreather divers, sailors, underwater photographers, free divers and spear fishermen who have been living on Oahu long enough to know not only the best places to dive in our warm waters, but how to do it on a budget without sacrificing one bit of the fun or thrills - and especially our safety. 

You're probably not from here and don't know the lay of the land like we do so we decided to put together a website to not only show you the best dive spotsbut also advise you on who the best operators are on the island.  Why is this such a big deal? Because  frankly we know which ones to avoid and we are tired of hearing about preventable accidents, fatalities and people being treated like cattle here on Oahu. 


Most of the operators that we will recommend are the smaller ones on the island.  You probably won't find them on the first page of your internet search results, but what they lack in SEO best practices and internet marketing budget they pour into their dive and adventure businesses because they depend on "the coconut wireless" more than the internet to this day and that keeps them on their toes.  For example it was a small dive shop operator that went 10 miles off shore to explore a dead whale carcass that was being eaten by tiger sharks.  They dove on it and discovered Deep Blue honing in on that Sperm whale for a snack.  Deep Blue is a 50 year old 24 foot Great White Shark that is probably the largest shark alive today.   See the video here of them discovering Deep Blue with Ocean Ramsay

TOP 5 Reasons smaller tour operators are the better choice for your vacation activities

  • Safety.  Small groups are easier to track especially in the water. As a rule smaller operators do not go out with more than 6 people to one Dive Master or boat.  Without going into greater detail this is at the top of the list for a reason! 

  • Smaller groups kick up less sand so visibility is better under water

  • More personal attention.  They treat us like family and know us and will get to know you and what dive profile you are seeking and your personal preferences right away

  • High sense of integrity and professionalism.  Unfortunately, we have found this to be lacking on this island and we know which ones maintain the highest customer service standards that you would expect.  

  • Emphasis on fun.  These operators do this because they love what they do.   You make living their dream possible and that infectious enthusiasm comes out in their experience with you. They know that if you have fun and feel safe you will come back or recommend them to your friends and family when they visit Oahu. 


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